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Fireplace Accessories

American Panel Hearth Pads

Accent your home with a quality hearth pad from American Panel.

Our hearth pads are crafted from a variety of quality stone and ceramics - expertly finished for maximum durability. Choose from a range of styles and enjoy the security of knowing your hearth pad meets all necessary UL listings including, but not limited to, Subject 1618.



Stoll Fireplace Doors

For 40 years the Stoll metal smiths have been building some of the industry's finest and most elegant fireplace enclosures.

With an enormous variety of colors, styles, and options, each fireplace is custom designed to meet your specific needs and style.

Stove Bright High Temp Stove Paint

Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint is the industry’s premier high temperature paint.

It is formulated with a unique blend of heat resistant pigments in a silicone polymer resin that provides excellent color retention and film integrity in working temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C).

  Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint is designed for rapid curing and great working properties over ferrous metal surfaces.  It is ideal for wood, pellet, and gas stoves as well as stove pipes, engines, engine manifolds, and many other metal substrates that are subject to high temperatures. 

 Available in a wide range of colors to suit almost any need, and comes in both easy to use aerosol and brush-on formulas to accommodate any project.


Meeco Fireplace Supplies

MEECO manufactures and markets a complete line of safety and maintenance products for the solid fuel industry (wood stoves, pellet stoves, coal stoves, corn stoves and fireplaces), the fuel oil industry and the gas appliance industry.

In addition, it is an OEM supplier of gasketing material to other manufacturers within these industries.

Cougar Ash Vac

Love-Less Ash Company has made the job of cleaning your stove or fireplace easy.

For about 20 years now people have trusted the quality of the Love-Less Ash Vacuum for removing the ash from their wood stove.

Our American-made, Warm Ash Vacuums make the job of cleaning ashes faster, safer, and neater. "No Mess" truly says it all.

Clean your fireplace or wood stove in seconds. Forget about dirty hands, dirty ashes flying around the room and shoveling ashes.

The ash vac is designed to remove warm to cold ashes from everything from wood stoves to barbecues.


John Wright Cast Iron Products

"Home is where the heart is" ~  John Wright's hearth and home accessories were designed with this popular adage in mind.

Wheter you are curled up in front of your fireplace on a cold, wintry day or working in your yard on a bright spring afternoon, there are long lasting, decorative products from John Wright that will add that special touch.


Minuteman International

Minuteman International has been serving the Hearth, Fireplace, and Woostove Industry since 1977.

We still abide by our orginal goal: To provide a large range of good quality products at very attractive pricing together with exceptional customer service.


Dagan Industries

Dagan Industries is the industry leader year after year with regard to design and introduction of new products.

This, coupled with high standards of production quality merchandise, and dedication to 100% satisfaction in customer service, has led to our steady growth and success.